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NDS says its new Dura Flo CV Dripline saves water, labor, money
David Rountree | May 12, 2016

NDS says its new Dura Flo CV Dripline exceeds its competitors’ performance on several key measures.
Photo: NDS Inc.

In launching its new 17-millimeter Dura Flo CV Dripline, NDS Inc. is eager to boast about what sets the system apart from its competitors’ products, but also what doesn’t.

Landscape contractors who choose the Dura Flo CV will use “all the same tools, the same fittings, the same installation procedures” they’ve used with driplines in the past, says Ryan Larsen, a civil engineer with NDS. “There is no learning curve, just a better mousetrap for the irrigation line.”

The key to the system’s efficiency, Larsen says, is a highly engineered check-valve design used in all the Dura Flo CV’s pressure-compensated emitters. The check valve allows for lower opening pressures, which in turn permits the installation of larger sections of line before a valve is required.


The Dura Flo CV is the best choice for both above-ground and subsurface applications, the manufacturer says.
Photo: NDS Inc.

Along with the check valve in the dripper, NDS says, the system also has been engineered with anti-siphon capabilities. While the check valve prevents low emitter drainage on shut down, the anti-siphon feature eliminates back-siphonage at each emitter; consequently, it also eliminates the need for an air/vacuum relief valve.

The result, Larsen says, is minimal water loss as well as reliable protection of emitters from clogging and root intrusion.

“All the applications landscapers have been using drip for can use Dura Flo CV,” he said. “But now, with the check valve, you can use it under turf … and put the water directly on the roots. And that’s where you’re going to see the greatest water savings – subsurface,” where evaporation is virtually zero, at least compared with water applied above ground.

NDS says the Dura Flo CV Dripline’s run-length advantage reduces the use of header materials by 30 percent while cutting the labor required for header installation by 20 percent.

Overall maintenance costs are reduced as well, the manufacturer says, because longer run lengths translate to 30-percent fewer connections, along with fewer opportunities for leaks.

NDS says the design of the system’s emitter, coupled with low opening pressure of 7.5 psi, makes Dura Flo CV Dripline the only check-valve dripline that works with all applications, including trees, landscapes and shrubs, foundation planting, raised planters, medians and roadways, hillsides and slopes, and subsurface turf and sports fields.

An NDS includes not only detailed specifications on the Dura Flo CV Dripline but also a design guide for both surface and subsurface applications.


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