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Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting adds 2 Mini Floodlights
David Rountree | January 9, 2017

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting has added two new models to its line of Up & Accent fixtures. The company says its Mini Floodlight Series feature a slim, compact design that provides a higher output and more lumens per watt than standard LEDs.

The company’s new models come in a wide variety of colors via 16 standard polyester powder-coat finishes.
Photo: Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting

“While our Mini Floodlights are small in size, they provide a wide spread of light,” said Cruz Perez, vice president of marketing for . “They’re unobtrusive to the eye during the day while providing superior lighting coverage at night.”

Vista says the two dimmable Mini Floodlight models – the 5105 and 5106 – feature Chip-On-Board (COB) LED technology. A single LED chip/emitter available in 2W, 3W or 4W offers exceptional beam spread and control, the company says. Light quality is further enhanced by an anodized aluminum reflector.

Color temperatures range from 3000°K (W-Warm) 4000°K (N-Neutral) to 5000°K (C-Cool), and light output is up to 400 delivered lumens. A bordered, high-impact tempered lens enhances durability.

Both models feature the same compact design with various available mounting options, including an injection-molded, glass-reinforced Ryton R-4 composite adjustable knuckle with ½-inch NPT. The fixture can also be mounted into threaded hubs in junction boxes, on ground stakes, in tree-mount boxes or on mounting canopies.

As for color, Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting offers 16 standard polyester powder-coat finishes.

The 5105 Mini Floodlight model is the smaller of the two, with the fixture itself measuring 3 ¼ inches wide, 1 7/8 inches high and 2 inches deep. The 5106 measures 5 inches wide, 2 ½ inches high and 2 inches deep. When mounted using the Ryton adjustable knuckle, the fixture’s height increases to 2 ½ inches high for the 5105 and 3 7/8 inches high for the 5106.


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