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Tip: Give Clients Plant Care Info
Lauren Heartsill Dowdle | March 5, 2014

Dead PlantsWhat’s worse than spending hours installing expensive plants for a client, only to come back months later to see all of the plants are dead?

Inside Out Design includes plant maintenance information on their website.

You might be a horticultural expert — but that doesn’t mean your clients know anything about their new foliage. So instead of adding plants and leaving, give clients a care sheet for their trees, shrubs and flowers.

Not only will a care sheet help the plants survive, but it will also help reduce angry customer calls when their greenery turns a deadly brown.

, TLC’s 2014 Landscaper of the Year, gives customers a printout of the maintenance schedule after completing a project, and they also include . Here, they list tips for mulching, edging, weeds, pruning, fertilization and pests. They also list for different types of plantings.

If you offer maintenance, you can still list schedules — such as how often to prune, water, etc. — to let customers know when they need your services.

When clients understand what’s going on with their yard and how they can be involved, they become more invested — meaning they’ll need your help to make their property even better.

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