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Drafix releases multi-language update on PRO Landscape Version 23
Beth Hyatt | October 12, 2017
drafix software designs on computers and tablets

Photo: Drafix Software, Inc.

Drafix Software, Inc. has announced a multi-language update to the 23rd release of its PRO Landscape Design Software.

Users can now select Spanish, German or Italian when installing PRO Landscape Version 23. The company says the multi-language installations contain all of the same features available in the English language version.

The user interface has also been translated, which the company says makes it easy for speakers of those languages to learn and use the software quickly.

“This new multi-language version of PRO Landscape opens up new possibilities for design professionals speaking Spanish, Italian or German and also provides a critical update for our current customers allowing them to take advantage of all that Version 23 has to offer,” says Pete Lord, president of Drafix Software. “This new update to Version 23 affirms our commitment to design professionals all over the world.”

The company says that PRO Landscape Version 23 helps the user quickly create stunning visual designs for your customers, professional proposals that effectively communicate every aspect of the proposed project and accurate site plans for your crews.

The company adds that PRO Landscape contains all the elements a designer needs, including photo realistic imaging, estimating, 3D renderings, mobile tablet applications, night and holiday lighting and CAD in one easy-to-learn and easy-to-use program.

PRO Landscape Version 23 is available now and is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10. Spanish speaking customers in North and South America can order online and download immediately by clicking .

Customers in Europe can purchase PRO Landscape in Italian, Spanish or German through the company’s European distributor, .

Customers in Australia and New Zealand can purchase PRO Landscape directly from the company’s ANZ distributor, .

Version 23 has no monthly fees and includes free lifetime technical support. It sells for $1,495.00 USD, and it is available via direct download or physical shipment. Depending upon their current version, current users can upgrade to the newest version starting at $295.00 USD.


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