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Product roundup: From paving stones to power wheelbarrows
David Rountree | January 31, 2017
Willow Creek Paving Stones

Minnesota-made Willow Creek Paving Stones, including its latest (shown here), Dekrastone, are suited to the harsh freeze-thaw cycles of the Midwestern climate, the manufacturer says.
Photo: Willow Creek Paving Stones

Willow Creek Paving Stones has introduced “Dekrastone” pavers, a classic but contemporary style with a smooth, flat surface and rounded edge.

Dekrastone pavers are 5 inches by 9 inches and 7 centimeters thick. Willow Creek Paving Stones says they’re engineered to meet the highest performance standards and aesthetic demands of contractors and landscape architects.

Dekrastone concrete pavers can be used for patios, walkways and driveways, among other applications, and come in six colors, which Willow Creek calls “Black, Bleu, Brik, Crème, Mocha and Patina.”

Contrasting Dekrastone colors can serve as edging in a patio or other hardscape project, and Willow Creek is quick to point out that its latest paver also works well with the company’s “Slatestone” and “Eurostone” products.

The company says Dekrastone pavers are suitable for both standard and permeable applications. Permeable applications are ideal for municipalities with residential and commercial impervious footprint limits, Willow Creek Paving Stones says, and are a best practice in stormwater management, reducing runoff while allowing rainwater to naturally infiltrate into the ground.

Minnesota-made Willow Creek Paving Stones are suited to the harsh freeze-thaw cycles of the Midwestern climate, the family-owned manufacturer says. For more information, visit the .

Yardmax rolls out new family of power dumpers

The new power wheelbarrow.

Yardmax, an outdoor power equipment maker, is now offering a power trackbarrow with hydraulic assist, power trackbarrow with gas shock assist in hopper or flatbed styles, and a power wheelbarrow.

The products feature solid steel parts, all-terrain heavy-duty wheels and tracks, and Briggs & Stratton engines as standard, Yardmax says.

The company says its power trackbarrows and wheelbarrows are designed to transport dirt, cement, stones and other heavy loads safely and efficiently.

Engineered for optimal balance and control, each power barrow incorporates all-terrain maneuverability and stability, using zero turn radius to pivot without damaging the ground or work surface, Yardmax says.

The new line is currently available for purchase or pre-order at,, and at independent retailers.

The power trackbarrow featuring hydraulic assist.

The power trackbarrows are offered in several styles and weight capacities, including the model with hydraulic assist (1,100-pound capacity) and Power Trackbarrow with Gas Shock Assist (660-pound capacity) in hopper or flatbed style options. Special features include:

  • 900 Series Briggs & Stratton engine
  • Tracks for all-terrain traction control
  • Heavy-duty, multiple-speed transmission
  • Zero turn radius
  • Highly-engineered, evenly-balanced design
  • Instant stop safety controls
  • Solid steel frame, handles and hopper
  • Removable flatbed sides
  • Starting price of $2,199

Here’s a shot of the flatbed style.

The Yardmax Power Wheelbarrow has a load capacity of 660 pounds. It offers the traction and stability needed to move heavy loads across rugged, uneven, muddy and wet landscapes, the company says. Product features include:

  • Briggs & Stratton engine
  • All-terrain, self-propelled all-wheel drive
  • Zero turn radius
  • Multiple speed heavy-duty transmission
  • One-handed release
  • Two position-enabled controls to ensure safe operation and instant stop
  • Compact size allows access to hard-to-reach locations
  • Directional AG tires
  • Starting price of $1,799

You can find more information about the manufacturer and its products at .

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