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LED LNH2 Luminaires Provide 60 Percent Energy Reduction
Patty Vaughan | October 7, 2014

has introduced LNH2 luminaires for outdoor lighting projects.

The luminaires are LED and provide a 60 percent energy reduction.

The LNH2 LED luminaires produce a white light and comes in packages of 1800, 2500, 3300, 4200 and 5800 lumens, as well as a choice of Roadway Type III or Type V distribution.

The LNH2 fixtures are also available with several optics, including open bottom acrylic, no acrylic refractor or no acrylic refractor-zero uplight.   

LNH2 luminaires are offered with optional 10-year or 20-year rated photocontrols and a three, five or seven-pin photocontrol receptacle.

The luminaires come unpainted as standard or may be ordered with gray paint.


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