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Landscaper-backed Project EverGreen debuts infographic
Staff Report | August 14, 2015
Photo: Project Evergreen

Click to enlarge. Photo: Project Evergreen

The nonprofit Project EverGreen, which works to promote the preservation and improvement of community green spaces nationwide, has just released a new infographic to spread the word about the numerous economic, environmental and social benefits of public green space.

Supported by dozens of private companies in the green industry, Project EverGreen’s signature initiative, “Healthy Turf, Healthy Kids,” taps volunteers and in-kind contributions from professional landscapers to revitalize athletic and recreational facilities around the country, making them safer for both children and adults to enjoy.

The organization’s “GreenCare for Troops” program provides families of deployed military personnel and wounded and disabled veterans with complimentary lawn care and landscape maintenance services.

A Project EverGreen spokesperson said this week that its green space restoration and revitalization project has garnered more than $600,000 in in-kind donations from industry contractors, suppliers, distributors and corporate contributors. The organization even included that fact in its new infographic.

For more information about Project EverGreen, or to learn more about the value of green space, visit .


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