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Keysoft brings KeySCAPE LandCADD to market following acquisition
David Rountree | June 1, 2016

With LandCADD’s embedded database and 2D/3D connections, users can create detailed concept plans with presentation-level graphics and construction-level accuracy, according to Keysoft Solutions.

After acquiring the rights to LandCADD software from Eagle Point about this time last year, Keysoft Solutions says it has combined the functions of its KeySCAPE drafting and landscape design software with LandCADD’s 3D, surface modeling, site analysis and irrigation capabilities. The resulting software, which Keysoft Solutions has just introduced, is called KeySCAPE LandCADD.

Keysoft says the newly combined and extended software enables landscape architects to automate workflow quickly in turning conceptual landscape designs into fully developed 2D and 3D construction plans.

Using KeySCAPE LandCADD’s built-in tools, Keysoft Solutions says, landscape architects and designers can quickly and accurately create ground models, perform site analysis, lay out a site plan, produce schedules and cost estimates. Sharing plans with both internal and external partners is “seamless” in the new software release, according to Keysoft.

Changes made in any phase of the project are dynamically updated, ensuring a single, accurate view of the project can be shared among all stakeholders, Keysoft says, noting that KeySCAPE LandCADD can be used alongside popular Autodesk products or as a standalone product.

“Since the acquisition of LandCADD last year, we have fully integrated and enhanced KeySCAPE and LandCADD to create a single, comprehensive solution that provides landscape architects all of the tools they need to rapidly turn concepts into detailed construction documents,” said Jeremy Ellis, chief executive of Keysoft Solutions. “Using KeySCAPE LandCADD, landscape architects can eliminate menial tasks and increase accuracy, leaving more time to enrich designs and cultivate new business.”

In addition to automating the material and plant scheduling tasks and calculating volumes for cut and fill materials, KeySCAPE LandCADD automates paving and site design layout for patios, walls, benches and other built hardscape structures.

KeySCAPE LandCADD enables users to create 3D ground-level surfaces and then build BIM (building information modeling) objects to be placed on the surface – enabling BIM to reach early design and facilities management phases of a project.

KeySCAPE LandCADD supports all versions of AutoCAD from 2010 to 2016 and Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Keysoft Solutions says it is offering the new software with flexible licensing configurations. KeySCAPE LandCADD can be purchased as a standalone product that includes its own AutoCAD engine or as an add-on to an existing AutoCAD. Single seat licenses, sharable network licenses and short-term licenses are available.

For more information, visit Keysoft Solutions’ website .


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