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Heaviland renovates office space’s landscaping and irrigation
Jill Odom | December 15, 2016
Ocean Point Heaviland

Heaviland replaced the grass and hedges with drought-tolerant plants.
Photo: Heaviland Landscape Management

In an effort to make an 82,991 square-foot office space in California more appealing to tech companies, Heaviland Landscape Management was hired to renovate the exterior.

The office space known as Ocean Point received a new identity, thanks to the conceptual plan created by Unite Pacific, a commercial property consulting group.

“Prospective tenants in San Diego are looking to provide a work environment where their employees enjoy coming to each day,” said Jamie Looney, president of Unite Pacific. “Part of the culture of the San Diego region is spending time outside and taking advantage of the 330 days of sunshine.”


Workers now have a pleasant outdoor space with seating at the Ocean Point office space.
Photo: Heaviland Landscape Management

Because of this focus on having enjoyable outdoor spaces, Looney brought in Heaviland Landscape Management, a commercial landscape installation and maintenance company based in Vista, California.

Heaviland overhauled the landscaping and the irrigation system on the property.

“The project has multiple outdoor seating areas with improved walking paths to enhance connectivity within the project,” said Rajan Brown, vice president of design, construction, and sustainability for Heaviland Landscape Management. “The new landscape provides employees with an outdoor space to host informal meetings and enjoy the open air for a boost of creativity.”

The Ocean Point Tech Center renovation started in June 2015 and concluded in October. Heaviland will continue to maintain the landscaping to increase the property value and tenant satisfaction.

“Ocean Point was retrofitted with recycled water and efficient drip irrigation, which will help lower water bills and eliminate irrigation runoff,” Brown said. “We replaced the traditional turf and formal hedges with drought-tolerant plants. All our work was seamlessly connected with an overall improvement plan of an architectural overhaul, parking improvements and more.”

According Looney, the team was professional and helped complete the project on budget and on time.

Ocean point before and after view

Before and after Heaviland completed the project.
Photo: Heaviland Landscape Management


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