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Restaurant uses green wall to create welcoming atmosphere
Jill Odom | March 23, 2017
Brome Burgers and Shakes' Green Wall Inside Restaurant

The green walls in Brome Burgers & Shakes is maintained by Bell’s Landscape Services Inc.
Photo: LiveWall

Restaurants that strive to use farm-to-table systems and source local or sustainable options are becoming more and more popular, and takes its commitment beyond just its food.

The Dearborn, Michigan-based eatery opened in 2015 and focused on renovating a vacant 3,700-square foot retail store that was built in the mid-1900s.

Along with preserving the cedar trusses and concrete floors, Brome Burgers & Shakes also decided to include two LiveWall system green walls to bring the outdoors in for its diners.

The green wall is divided into two sections that are each 16 feet long by 9 feet 10 inches, totaling 309 square feet. The system uses 168 LiveWall modular planters, containing a mix of six tropical plants that thrive indoors.

“We are all about sustainability, green living, wholesome food and self-awareness about the environmental impact of our choices,” said Sam Abbas, founder of Brome Burgers & Shakes. “The green walls took a surface that would have otherwise just been painted or wallpapered and brought it to life.”


The customers have responded positively to the presence of the greenery indoors.
Photo: LiveWall

based in Wixom, Michigan, which has offered commercial and residential landscape construction and maintenance services for more than 38 years recommended, sold, installed and maintains the LiveWall system.

“We won a Gold Award for Creative Landscape – Green Initiatives from the Michigan Green Industry Association for this project,” said Mike Bell, CEO of Bell’s Landscape Services Inc.

The LiveWall system uses aluminum VertiRails that are installed on the building wall. WallTer inserts are used to hold the plant containers, and allows for easy switching out for seasonal annuals.

“Attached to an existing wall or freestanding, erected indoors or outdoors, green walls transform unadorned walls into vertical gardens,” said Dave MacKenzie, president of LiveWall. “They make interior spaces more appealing and relaxing and improve air quality.”

Aside from the green walls, the restaurant also includes a front window planter that adjoins a counter that seats eight.

Brome Burgers & Shakes says that every decision it made about the space is a reflection of its commitment to the environment and hopes to inspire its customers, suppliers, competitors and contractors.

“Everyone’s response to our green walls has been so positive,” Abbas said. “We plan to integrate green wall systems into all our future locations.”


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