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Innovative equipment releases close out the year
tlcstaff | January 2, 2015

We’ve reached the end of 2014, and to close out the year, here are some innovative pieces of equipment you won’t want to miss.

Heavy duty
created a new segment of off-road vehicle with its Atlas jobsite vehicle (JSV). The vehicle has a 1,900-pound payload and 2,000-pound towing capacity. The JSV’s steel cargo bed has a 1,250-pound capacity, and an electric bed lift comes standard. The Atlas has a VersaTrac Turf Mode that unlocks the rear differential, similar to a ZTR. It’s available in four models: two diesel and two gas, both with three- or six-seat options. Read more information here.


Airless tire
and Michelin joined together to release the airless radial tire for ZTrak mowers. The tires are available for the ZTrak 900 Series models 54-, 60- and 72-inch deck sizes. The X Tweel Turf is a 24-by-12-by-12 tire and features automotive rubber technology. The tires will be available in the spring of 2015, and there will be a $749 upcharge. Read more information here.


Wider tracks
Compared to its other medium-frame compact track loaders, has wider tracks (15 3/4 inches wide). The 74-horsepower TR310 weighs 8,800 pounds, has a 3,100-pound rated operating capacity and has an 8,680-pound bucket breakout force. The CTL has a radial-lift arm and 10-foot 3-inch hinge-pin height. Read more information here.


Weathered appearance
’s Old York pavers are suitable for both commercial and residential installations. With a hand-molded, clay-brick appearance, the pavers are available in Brookhaven, Madison and Summer Hill colors. Old York has a 6-millimeter joint that simulates a mortared brick installation. They are available in a range of face textures. Read more information here.


Attach grapple
add a multi-purpose grapple to its pallet fork line. The rail-style frame supports 6,000 pounds, and the grapple can attach to any Danuser frame with 9,500 pounds of force at 3,000 psi. The multi-purpose grapple can be locked and stored for normal pallet-fork use, and no tools are required. Read more information here.




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