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Home Depot kicks off spring with numerous new product offerings
Jill Odom | March 20, 2018
Home Depot highlights Spring arrivals

Home Depot highlighted some of its spring arrivals this month.
Photo: Scott Rokis

It’s finally the first day of spring and while the weather in certain regions may feel like the opposite of spring, it will be time to truly break out the tools of the trade before you know it.

Making their way into Home Depot stores across the country for spring 2018 are a number of new pieces of equipment. As battery powered technology continues to advance, landscapers will be able to have their pick of the lot as more manufacturers join the fray.

Check out the information below to see new products brands are selling through Home Depot.


Woman using a Toro PowerReverse

The Toro PowerReverse is said to make mowing so easy you can do it with one hand.
Photo: Toro

Toro’s new Recycler 22” SmartStow PowerReverse Personal Pace gas-powered walk-behind mower is the first mower on the market to over reverse assist for easy maneuvering.

The company says mowing now feels similar to vacuuming the yard with this product. Landscapers can set their own pace without being jerked forward with the self-propel drive system. Meanwhile, the Iso-Flex handle reduces user fatigue by absorbing shocks and vibration. The Briggs & Stratton exclusive SmartStow technology allows owners to store the mower upright without worrying about the mixing of fuel while reducing the storage footprint by 70 percent.

This mower is sold exclusively at Home Depot for $449.

Cub Cadet

For the landscaper just getting into the lawn care business, sometimes dropping anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000 on an entry-level commercial zero-turn mower isn’t feasible.

Cub Cadet's RZT-L

Cub Cadet’s RZT-L comes with a number of commercial features.
Photo: Cub Cadet

Yet as more and more homeowners express interest in having residential products with commercial features, up and coming lawn care companies can benefit from this trend. The RZT-L model from Cub Cadet is an example of this.

A 46” mowing deck powered by a commercial-grade Honda engine and hydrostatic transmission help provide a professional level ride. The 11-gauge fabricated deck and anti-scalping wheels are also designed with the superior cut in mind. However, keep in mind there is no ROPs system for this model, so mowing on slopes should be avoided if possible.

This model also comes equipped with the Bluetooth Enabled Hourmeter that is supported on the Cub Connect app. The Cub Connect app alerts users of maintenance needs and keeps track of service records, replacement part guides and product registration.

The RZT-L is backed by a three-year warranty and is sold for $2,999 at Home Depot.


Man testing deck of a Honda's NeXite

Honda’s NeXite deck can withstand a serious beating.
Photo: Scott Rokis

The 21” HRX walk-behind mower is self-propelled but allows users to adjust the speed with the turn of a dial. Landscapers can be as versatile as possible with the model’s 4-in-1 Versamow System with Clip Director. Users can mulch, bag, discharge and shred leaves or even mulch and bag simultaneously with the clip direct.

The mower also features twin blades that result in ultra-fine clippings that fit more per bag. Another noticeable feature of this mower is the high-impact resistance deck, made of NeXite, which is exclusive to Honda. It is so durable, the company says it will not dent, rust or corrode.

This mower is sold at Home Depot for $599.

John Deere

Although the E120, a Home Depot exclusive model, is purely a residential product, one piece of technology from it that is likely to make its way to professional John Deere mowing equipment is the 30-second oil change system.

Demo of 30-second oil change system

The 30-second oil change system is currently only available in consumer models.
Photo: Scott Rokis

The company is debuting the system on some select consumer lawn tractors first to gauge the reaction before trying to bring the technology over to a commercial setting.

The 30-second oil change is simply a cartridge that contains both the oil and the filter, eliminating the need to drain any engine oil. The cartridges are swapped out with a simple one-quarter turn. While the product is on target for homeowners who lack the experience and knowledge on changing their oil, the time-saving aspect of it would be just as appreciated on the professional side.

“Our main priority is to provide an easy and hassle-free experience for owners to maintain their lawn tractors,” said Kirk Eisenbeis, product marketing manager for John Deere. “The ability to change oil easily, quickly, and without a mess is really appealing to people who don’t have traditional oil change experience.”

There is no current timetable on when this could appear on commercial models.


Echo PB-580T backpack blower

Photo: Echo

As the inventor of the original backpack blower in 1975, it makes sense that Echo would always be working to improve their keystone product. Because landscapers are constantly seeking more power for their blowers, Echo has worked to deliver while reducing the noise levels that come with increased blower performance.

Compared to the original PB-9 the new PB-580T backpack blower has 52 percent more CFM and 20 percent more MPH. While the models weigh the same, the PB-580T features a 58.2 cc engine.

The blower features a unique backpad that is vented to circulate air across a user’s back for further comfort during hot summer days. The blower tube is designed with an S-shape to offset the air stream, allowing landscapers to maintain better control.

This backpack blower is sold at Home Depot for $329.


Ego Powerload

The Ego Powerload feature takes the hassle out of loading string trimmers.
Photo: Home Depot

One of the newer outdoor power equipment companies out there, Ego is a Home Depot exclusive brand that spent the last 10 years researching battery power before bringing their 56-volt line to market. Ego’s batteries are uniquely designed to prevent overheating and have a monitoring system that managed the individual battery cells.

Ego’s lineup includes a backpack blower that has 600 CFM and can run up to two hours on low speed, a 24” hedge trimmer with a 1” cut capacity and a 15” string trimmer.

The new string trimmer has a carbon fiber shaft and the new Powerload feature that allows landscapers to feed line with the press of a button.

The backpack blower is $299, the new hedge trimmer is $99 and the new string trimmer is $229.


Another competitor in the battery-powered market, Ryobi offers over 100 tools in its 18-volt consumer line and over 25 tools in its 40-volt line, which it says offers gas-like power.

Ryobi 24” 40-volt hedge trimmer

Ryobi’s string trimmer can change attachment heads.
Photo: Scott Rokis

Ryobi’s 24” 40-volt hedge trimmer has a cutting speed of 3,200 strokes per second and has a 3/4” cut capacity. With the 2.6 Ah battery and charger, the hedge trimmer is $169 at Home Depot.  

Another 40-volt product, this string trimmer/edger features a 90-degree pivoting head that allows users to easily switch between trimming and edging. This trimmer also accepts the Connexion Attachment System, allowing landscapers to swap out various attachments, including a pole pruning head. This product is sold for $119.

Ryobi says its cordless chainsaw performs as well as gas, delivering the cutting speed and higher torque needed for large clean up jobs. The unit features a wraparound handle and automatic oiler. With a 1.5 Ah battery and charge, this model is sold for $199. 


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