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CASE will unveil its special edition skid steer at CONEXPO
Jill Odom | March 3, 2017
CASE Skid Steer

The Team Rubicon Disaster Response SV340 will be on display during the trade show next week.
Photo: CASE Construction Equipment

Attendees at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 can expect to see CASE Construction Equipment’s special edition version of its most powerful skid steer, the Team Rubicon Disaster Response SV340.

This model features a guarding package that includes a heavy-duty bumper, rear grille guard, front light guards, side window guards and intake screens. For extra visibility, 10 extra LED lights have been incorporated with four in the rear, four up front, and two lower, facing the sides.

A custom roof rack with a four-corner strobe kit has been constructed to hold tools such as a shovel, a demolition axe, a STIHL chainsaw. It also has recovery straps and rigging.

The SV340 comes with a grey paintjob and high-visibility safety accents.

“This special-edition SV340 embodies the sense of community service, patriotism and veteran workforce development that is at the core of the relationship between CASE and Team Rubicon,” said John Dotto, brand marketing manager, CASE Construction Equipment. “We’ve taken our largest and most powerful skid steer and added specialty guarding, storage, safety and attachment features that align with the work Team Rubicon does in the field. This skid steer is a great ambassador for the partnership, and will be a force multiplier when deployed alongside Team Rubicon volunteers.”

The SV340 will travel to promote CASE’s partnership with Team Rubicon and will deploy to training and support events across the country. It is currently CASE’s largest and most powerful model with a 3,400-pound rated operating capacity and a bucket breakout force of 9,531 pounds.

“Starting with CASE’s most powerful skid steer ever and then adding the best options available increase the impact the unit can have on the job – this approach is a perfect match for the get-it-done mentality of Team Rubicon,” said David Venables, national heavy equipment coordinator for Team Rubicon. “Whenever we have CASE equipment on the ground at a disaster site, we’re able to get more work done, faster. That mean we help get more families back on their feet sooner, which in turn means local economies get back to business sooner.”


The booth at CONEXPO will be re-used by other vendors for future events and other materials will be donated.
Photo: CASE Construction Equipment

After CONEXPO comes to a close, CASE will donate more than $175,000 in materials to Habitat for Humanity. The nonprofit will use the 40,000 square feet of carpeting and padding, and 5,634 square feet of plywood paneling in home building projects throughout the U.S.

The company partnered with Steelhead Productions to create an exhibit that would leave almost zero impact on landfills.

“Sustainability is a top priority for our company, and trade shows place a heavy burden on landfill space,” said Athena Campos, senior director of marketing with CASE Construction Equipment. “Giving back to the community is also core to our brand and our people. This initiative combines both efforts where we can reduce our wasteful footprint and simultaneously supply Habitat for Humanity with much-needed supplies for building new homes.”

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