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Woman Pulls Gun on Landscaper Over Noise
Lauren Heartsill Dowdle | September 15, 2014

Carlos Repicio blows grass from the sidewalk, like he did the morning of the attack.

No one likes to be woken up early in the morning – I know I’m not a fan of it.

While it’s a bit of an inconvenience, I would hope most people wouldn’t handle it like this Florida woman.

Gina Briggs allegedly threatened to kill a lawn maintenance worker after he made too much noise and woke her up, police say.

Briggs pulled a pistol on the worker, Carlos Repicio, as he was blowing grass off of a sidewalk.

The worker turned off the blower, hid behind his truck and called police.

Briggs was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and use of a weapon during a felony, reports New York Daily News.

Gina Briggs looks like she is still asleep in her mugshot.

Gina Briggs looks like she is still asleep in her mugshot.

And when brought in for questioning, Briggs didn’t help her case any. She said she would have shot the worker in the head if she had remembered to load the gun.

No surprise, she’s been arrested for battery in the past.

Now I just wonder: How early could he have been out blowing that someone would want to shoot and kill him? I guess it’s clear she isn’t a morning person.





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