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Looking for a laugh? These well-timed photos capture funny moments
Jill Odom | November 19, 2016

If you’ve been paying attention to the news at all lately you’ll know that there’s a lot of negativity out there, so take a minute to check out these photos that may just bring a smile to your face.

The were started in 2015 by photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam in hopes of boosting wildlife conservation efforts by partnering with .

“Animals can make you laugh without evening knowing why,” Sullam said. “It is the anthropomorphic behavior.”

Although it is only the competition’s second year, over 2,200 entries were submitted by photographers from across the globe.

The winner of the top prize for both the Over and On the Land categories was 36-year-old Angela Bohlke, who captured a red fox face-planting in the snow at Yellowstone National Park.

“I was absolutely shocked to be announced as the overall winner as I was not at all expecting to even be a finalist and there was so many amazing photographs from such skilled photographers in the competition,” she said. “I plan to donate any personal profit from sales of the image back to Yellowstone National Park where this image was taken.”

Bohlke will receive a seven-night photographic safari trip in Kenya’s Masari Mara, courtesy of Alex Walker’s Serian, return flights to Kenya courtesy of Kenya Airways, and a Nikon D810 body and 24-120mm f/4G ED VR AF-S NIKKOR lens from Nikon.

Here are just some of the category winners and the highly commended. Click , 2016 finalists and 2015 winners.


A fox hunting for its breakfast makes a spectacular leap and misses.
Photo: Angela Bohlke/The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


We all have that one friend…
Photo: Mario Fiorucci/The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Close but no salmon.
Photo: Rob Kroenert/The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Sometimes you’re the bird and sometimes you’re the cape buffalo.
Photo: Tom Stables/The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Challenge accepted.
Photo: Vaughan Jessnitz/The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Mum! Mom, say hi! Wave to the camera!
Photo: Philip Marazzi/The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Whoops! There goes lunch.
Photo: Nicolas de Vaulx/The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


This bear posing decides to wing it.
Photo: Adam Parsons/The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


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