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4 things clients want you to do
Lauren Heartsill Dowdle | April 9, 2014

As a homeowner, I’m constantly surprised at how difficult it is to work with professionals, whether it be a roofer, contractor or even landscaper.

I constantly feel like I’m throwing money at them, begging them to actually come out and fix the problems. So for you professionals, here’s what us customers want — and need — from you.

1. Return calls. Sounds simple enough, right? I thought so, too, until I never heard back from two different roofers, a septic tank pro and my landscaper. I left messages for a few of them, and the others said they would be in touch. But, I never heard from them again. This has to be one of the most confusing things for me because I thought pros were looking for jobs — and I’m a paying customer. I know everyone gets busy, but make your clients a priority and always get back in touch with them.

2. Tell them what’s going on. Clients hire pros because they know what they are doing — and we don’t, for the most part. But, that doesn’t mean we want to be left out in the dark about what’s going on. It makes me wary of someone who can’t fully explain what they want to do — but they sure can come up with a dollar amount for it.

3. Be on time. If you’re supposed to meet with a client, be there when you say you will. If you’re running late, call them and let them know. You wouldn’t stand up a friend for dinner, so treat this no differently.

4. Keep your word. Not only will your client appreciate and expect it, being honest will also help build your reputation in the community. In a market where everyone is looking for clients, one upset client can ruin that for a landscaper. And if you offer warranties (which I recommend), follow through if/when there are problems.


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