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Toro plans to offer 28-inch hydro drive brush cutter via rental
Jill Odom | March 10, 2016

Toro’s new brush cutter is designed to be durable and simple to use.
Photo: Toro

Landscapers looking for a brush cutter to rent can soon add Toro’s 28-inch hydro drive brush cutter to their list of options.

In addition to brush and tall weeds, the manufacturer says the hydro drive brush cutter can clear small trees and saplings up to 2 inches in diameter. The brush cutter is self-propelled and can take on brush up to 6 feet tall.

Sean O’Halloran, marketing manager at Toro, said the hydro drive brush cutter was designed specifically for the rental industry and features “simple, intuitive controls that both professional contractors and novice operators alike will be able to master in a matter of minutes.”

To ensure safety, the brush cutter is equipped with two-step blade engagement, along with a parking brake. Thanks to its standard 6-inch four-ply tractor lug tires, Toro says, the machine can handle work on slopes or in ditches.

The spindle shaft saddle keeps the blade bolt from loosening during operation, according to Toro. The high-strength steel deck with large-diameter pulleys extends the lifespan of the belts, and Toro says operators can move the machine both forward and backward with one hand.

The 28-inch hydro drive brush cutter will join Toro’s rental offerings in the fall.


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