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Spreaders Feature Edge, Gate Control
Patty Vaughan | May 17, 2013

have introduced a line of spreaders available for residential, professional and speciality spreader markets.  

The spreaders can spread seed, fertilizer and salt/ice-melt with gate adjustments. 

Each spreader features SureSpread Technology, which includes gate design and location, positive stop dial for gate adjustment and edge control functionality. 

The full residential spreader line consists of:

  • 80-and 100-pound All Season Spreader with 12-inch pneumatic tires

  • 70-pound spreader with 9-inch pneumatic tires

  • 65-pound spreader with 8-inch poly lug tires

  • 80-pound EZ Tow Spreader with 9-inch pneumatic tires
As far as the professional models go, each spreader comes with edge controls, grates and rain covers and two of the models feature stainless steel frames with 14-inch pneumatic tires. 
The full professional spreader line consists of:

  • 100- and 125-pound All Season Spreaders with stainless steel frames & 14-inch pneumatic tires

  • 80-pound All Season Spreader with 12-inch pneumatic tires

  • 65-pound All Season Spreader with 12-inch pneumatic tires

  • 125-pound EZ Tow Spreader with 14-inch pneumatic tires

The specialty spreader line features a Garden Seeder with detachable row marker that comes with 6 different seed plates, as well as two bag spreader/seeder options with twenty-five pound capacities, and a handy 93 inɜ/1.5L hand seeder.


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