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Rain Bird’s new ESP-9V is a durable, battery-powered controller
Jill Odom | November 24, 2017
rain bird remote control

Photo: Rain Bird

Rain Bird has introduced a new battery-operated controller designed to withstand the harsh elements.

The ESP-9V was put to the test when it came to durability with the controller being placed inside a flooded valve box under extreme temperatures. The dual-sealed battery chamber prevented water intrusion and allowed it to last 70 percent longer than the competition in testing.

“We wanted to provide contractors with a tougher, longer-lasting and easier-to-use battery-operated controller than the models currently on the market,” said James Harris, Rain Bird’s product manager for contractor controllers. “We feel we’ve achieved that with the ESP-9V.”

The controller has a large LCD screen that is 85 percent bigger than most competitive models. Contractors and end users alike can create common irrigation schedules in three steps. Six start times and four watering day options are available per zone allowing for custom days, cyclic, odd and even options.

Landscapers can start a full irrigation cycle with one-touch manual watering, while automatic zone-stacking ensures only one valve irrigates at a time. The ESP-9V can run for more than two years on two nine-volt batteries and should it happen to lose power, the non-volatile memory keeps schedules safe.

“When you consider its durability, long-lasting battery power and scheduling features, the ESP-9V truly outshines the competition,” Harris said. “With the ESP-9V, sites without access to AC power can now truly enjoy more reliable, convenient and efficient automatic irrigation control than ever before.”

The ESP-9V comes in one-, two-, four- and six-zone units. Multi-zone units have a dedicated Master Valve output. For more information on the ESP-9V, click .


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