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OSHA, PLANET Sign Five-Year Agreement
Patty Vaughan | December 11, 2013

allianceThe and , have signed a new .

planet_logo_colorDavid Michaels, Assistant Secretary of OSHA, and PLANET President Glenn Jacobsen, Landscape Industry Certified, were among the group that met in Washington, D.C. to sign the new agreement.

The OSHA/PLANET Alliance will continue to provide workplace safety education to members of the landscape industry.

The purpose of the PLANET/OSHA Alliance, first formed in October 2008, is to increase workplace safety especially focusing on hard-to-reach audiences, including youth, individuals with low literacy levels, and non-English speaking workers, with information, guidance and access to training resources that will help protect their health and safety.

Alliance activities have included the development of dozens of safety education materials in English and Spanish, speaking engagements by OSHA representatives at the Green Industry Conference and Student Career Days, and the promotion of the North American Occupational Safety Health Week (NAOSH) each year, as well as other safety initiatives.


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