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New Jersey landscaper wins $5 million lottery
Beth Hyatt | July 25, 2017
local landscaper winner of the NJ lottery


Thanks to a rainy day of running errands, New Jersey landscaper Marcos M. from Orange has won $5 million in a New Jersey lottery.

Since landscapers rely on dry days to complete their work, when rain interfered with his plans for the workday, Marcos decided to run some errands.

One stop on his trip was to the Double Dee Liquor store in Orange to purchase a “$5,000,000 Fortune” instant lottery ticket.

“I’ve been buying them almost every day since it came out,” he told the .

Marcos purchased two tickets before finding the winning one. When the winning amount on the third ticket was first revealed, Marcos was unsure that he was seeing the correct number printed on the ticket. He even bought another ticket after the winning ticket for good measure, which turned out to also win him $50. Yet it was the third ticket Marcos purchased that was the $5,000,000 top prize winner.

As far as spending plans are concerned, Marcos told lottery officials that he will be putting some of the money aside for his children’s education, helping out his family and purchasing a home of their own.


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