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Thieves steal landscaper’s equipment despite locks, chains, gates
Jill Odom | November 29, 2016
New Leaf lanscping company truck

New Leaf Landscape Management’s only truck and trailer were stolen last week leaving them with no equipment.
Photo: New Leaf Landscape Management

A South Carolina landscaper’s livelihood was stolen on Thanksgiving and now he is without nearly $140,000 worth of property.

Skip Murray, owner of in Charleston, was on his way out of town when a friend called him.

“A friend of mine drove by and asked if I was working and I said no,” Murray told . “And he said, ‘Well where’s your truck and trailer and all your equipment?’ And I said, ‘Well it’s at the shop all locked up,’ and he said, ‘No Skip, it’s not.’”

Murray returned to the shop to find that the gate was open and the trailer, with all the equipment inside it, was gone.

Even though Murray had three locks, three chains, and three gates the thieves were not discouraged and cut through the chain link fence from another property. When they couldn’t cut through the locks, they cut the chains instead.

New Leaf Landscape Management got its name when Murray left North Carolina to start his own business three years ago. Now, he must somehow turn a new leaf once again.

“It’s crucial,” he said. “It’s our lifeline. We only have one truck, one trailer. Everything we own to earn a living was in there so without it we have nothing.”

Upon hearing of his plight, people were eager to lend a helping hand, allowing New Leaf Landscape Management to borrow push mowers and weed eaters until the company can get back on its feet.

“We’ll be strong and we’ll get through it with the help from everybody; we’ll get through it,” Murray said.

One business owner set up a page for the company for anyone who wants to help. While being robbed on Thanksgiving is a special kind of misfortune, maybe some participating in #GivingTuesday will choose to help out this landscaping company.

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