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Landscaper Helps Six Sites for PLANET’s Day of Service
Patty Vaughan | June 17, 2013

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One landscaping company and one of TLC’s Landscaper of the Year finalists donated time, effort and resources as part of .

donated landscaping materials and helped manage 35 volunteers for a  back in April.

The company held a contest to find local property owners who demonstrated a particular landscaping need.

Typically, the company tries to choose one nonprofit and one homeowner, but indecision from compelling stories typically leads to adding more projects, according to YardApes founder Shayne Newman.

The projects included: 

  • The Education Center in New Milford, Connecticut, where a landscape renovation enhanced the school’s entrance, and installation of 23 yards of playground mulch created a safe play area for the nonprofit’s 81 children, including 6 special education children.
  • New Milford Historical Society in New Milford, Connecticut, benefitted from a spring cleanup, and mulching of its boxwood garden in preparation for ‘Art in Bloom’ an exhibit celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Garden Club of New Milford.
  • The Pratt Nature Center in New Milford, Connecticut, a 201-acre wildlife preserve and environmental education center had entrance gardens in need of pruning, cleanup and mulching. A garden installation from YardApes’ 2011 Day of Service initiative also received pruning, cleanup and mulching.
  • Sarah Noble Intermediate School in New Milford, Connecticut, where the school’s courtyard was transformed by installations of a 16’ five-circuit Belgium block labyrinth, lawn, and pink-flowering dogwood. The labyrinth will serve as the center of an outdoor classroom and healing garden dedicated to the grand daughter of a Sarah Noble Intermediate School educator who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
  • TheatreWorks New Milford in New Milford, Connecticut, received a landscape redesign and renovation of its theatre entrance.
  • Homeowners’ site in New Milford, Connecticut, where volunteers weeded and edged all beds, pruned back overgrown shrubs, thinned and divided perennials in crowded garden, moved perennials to another bed and mulching.

To learn how to become a finalist in Total Frauengruenden’s Landscaper of the Year program, click here.


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