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GreenIQ introduces Flow Meter accessory for its irrigation control system
Staff Report | June 6, 2016

When placed in line with the irrigation pipe, GreenIQ says, the Flow Meter provides real-time data on volume of water used.

GreenIQ, maker of the Smart Garden Hub, recently introduced a new accessory for the product, the Flow Meter, a sensor that notifies Hub customers if water use is out of the ordinary.

GreenIQ says many irrigation controllers on the market measure water usage only in units of time, rather than by volume. The Green IQ Flow Meter provides daily and weekly reports on water usage in gallons or liters, not only improving control of the system but also providing easier detection of faults or irrigation system anomalies.

Irrigation professionals can determine readily whether a pipe is having ongoing flow issues, the manufacturer says, because the GreenIQ Flow Meter keeps tabs on watering habits and detects inefficiencies.

By connecting the flow sensor in line with the irrigation pipe, data is transferred instantly, the company says, informing the user via real-time alerts and regular notifications via the GreenIQ’s Pro app.

“Our mission is to make irrigation management more efficient and precise, while helping customers to conserve water, save money and improve the overall health of their green spaces,” said Odi Dahan, CEO at GreenIQ. “With our new Flow Meter, landscape specialists and gardeners have the ability to truly see how their irrigation systems are performing in real-time so that pipe breaks and other flow irregularities can be resolved instantaneously.”

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