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Gain Certifications, Licenses with Green Industry Web Portal
Lauren Heartsill Dowdle | December 2, 2013
GIW Portal

In September, the Green Industry Web Portal continued their relationship with the state parks by helping 35 foresters and parks staffers learn more about maintaining their landscapes in class and in the field with lots of hands-on demos. The GIW Portal class was held at Guntersville State Park where the AUFA has been helping the park recover from our last bout of storms.

Find a wealth of landscaping information with the

The GIW Portal is a free service for professionals to help train employees, potential employees and students wanting to gain certifications and licenses or the knowledge needed to improve their lives and careers. Grants and donations from the Applachian Regional Commission, industry suppliers and associations, foundation and educational entities have made the effort possible.

The GIW Portal is housed at Auburn University-Montgomery, and content will be added as needed to help the industry and educators. Live training and testing may be scheduled during the year, but at this time, it’s is limited to the Applachian Region of Alabama. Partnering sponsors willing to supplement training costs may schedule the training anywhere outside of Alabama’s ARC Region.

The GIW Portal and the library of video content, links and reproducible content will be accessible for study anytime. Live classes and “virtual office hour schedules” are being developed at this time and will be listed on the “Classes and Training” page.

The GIW Portal has been created and will be sustained by a large group of supporters, listed on the “Sponsors and Partners” page. If you want to attend live classes, schedule a class in your area or help support the GIW efforts, Fred Kapp, the GIW education director.


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