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Briggs & Stratton offers 6 tune-up tips for snow blowers
Staff Report | December 7, 2016

This Briggs & Stratton snow blower features the company’s 950 Snow Series Engine, which is designed for harsh winter applications.
Photo: Briggs & Stratton

It’s snow time and, like homeowners, landscape workers would do well to review these tips from Briggs & Stratton on keeping snow blowers working properly throughout the winter.

“Taking the time to prep your snow blower for the season will help prevent breakdowns at the most inopportune moments,” said Carissa Gingras, director of marketing for global support at Briggs & Stratton Corp. “These simple steps will help keep you headache-free …”

  1. Inspect and replace the spark plug. Change your spark plug every 100 hours. The good news is they’re inexpensive and easy to replace.
  2. Add fresh fuel and fuel stabilizer. Fuel has a shelf life of about 30 days if left untreated. Before revving your snow blower engine, be sure to take the time to add a fuel stabilizer to your gas can. Fuel stabilizers extend the life of your fuel and prevent ethanol from damaging the engine.
  3. Replace the oil. Replace the oil each season to ensure it’s clean and fresh. Rather than tipping the unit to drain the oil, use an oil extractor kit to efficiently replace the oil without making a mess. A cold-weather synthetic oil (such as a 5W-30) can provide additional engine protection and performance. Consult your operator’s manual for the recommended oil for your snow engine.
  4. Inspect scraper blade and skid shoes. Replace the scraper blade and skid shoes if they are worn. They protect other parts of the snow blower from damage.
  5. Check tire pressure. Snow is difficult enough to maneuver in as is. Make your snow clearing a little easier by properly inflating your tires.
  6. Use a degreaser spray to remove all dirt and grime from your unit.

Briggs & Stratton also recommends reviewing your snow blower’s operating manual – another piece of advice that landscaping maintenance technicians should heed.


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