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Bobcat introduces 70-inch forestry cutter attachment
David Rountree | January 26, 2017
Bobcat Being Operated by Construction Worker in Field

The compact size of the forestry cutter allows for any type of removal job, Bobcat says, whether clearing every tree in an area or selectively thinning stands.
Photo: Bobcat Co.

Boasting up to 17 percent more mulching production, the new Bobcat 70-inch forestry cutter attachment easily rips through hard and soft woods, according to the West Fargo, North Dakota-based manufacturer.

Bobcat says the new forestry cutter is approved for use with M2-Series compact track loaders – the T750, T770 and T870 – as well as the S850 skid-steer loader.

Bobcat says the forestry cutter’s tube-style drum and spiral tooth pattern allow one tooth to engage at a time, so operation is smooth and less horsepower is required to do the job.
Photo: Bobcat Co.

An additional 400-pound counterweight is required when using the 70-inch model with T750 and T770 compact track loaders.

Approved skid-steer and compact track loaders require high-flow auxiliary hydraulics to operate the attachment.

Similar, Bobcat says, to the 50- and 60-inch models, the 70-inch forestry cutter attachment is simple to operate and efficiently turns trees and underbrush to mulch.

When the attachment is tilted forward, the material is thrown against the counter combs that reduce the wood to fine mulch. Bobcat says this feature also provides wear protection for the rear of the housing. An optional front gate can be lowered if the operator needs finer mulch.

While high-flow auxiliary hydraulics are required to operate the new 70-inch forestry cutter, the tube-style drum and spiral tooth pattern allow one tooth to engage at a time. The result, Bobcat says, is smoother operation using less horsepower. The forestry cutter comes standard with two-speed travel for increased drum torque.

Bobcat says the new attachment also features an adjustable push bar with three positions to accommodate the operator’s preferred setting. The gathering feature pulls brush and trees toward the center of the drum for more efficient operation, the manufacturer says.

Safety features of new attachment

A forestry applications kit must be installed on the loader to operate the forestry cutter attachment. This exclusive forestry door with ¾-inch laminated polycarbonate is necessary to operate the forestry cutter attachment, Bobcat says, helping protect operators from flying debris and other objects.

The forestry applications kit includes the following:

  • Front and rear light guards: Ensures branches and debris will not break lights.
  • Hydraulic quick coupler guard: Helps protect the couplers, hoses and wire harness from falling trees and branches.
  • Fire extinguisher: Mounted in the cab for quick access in an emergency.
  • Level II FOPS: Protects operator and cab from falling trees and objects.
  • Muffler guard: Reduces material buildup in the engine compartment and protects the tailpipe from damage.
  • Lift cylinder debris shield: Guards the lift cylinders and reduces material buildup in the engine compartment.
  • Polycarbonate top, rear and side windows (¼-inch or ½-inch polycarbonate): Shield operator and maximize visibility.

The 70-inch forestry cutter is equipped with a rotor brake, which stops the attachment from full speed in 10 seconds or less when the hydraulics are deactivated.

For more information about the new product, on Bobcat’s website.


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