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Benefits, resources to volunteer landscaping services
Williesha Morris | March 16, 2015

volunteerThe . The DOL will award $30.5 million to organizations working alongside local employers to help youth with juvenile records. The program encourages mentorship, education and training.

In addition to donating funds to your favorite charities, give of your time and resources as a landscaping company. Time is a precious commodity, but giving back can require as little as an hour.

Here’s two big reasons to volunteer:

  • Volunteering encourages charity, teamwork and empathy among your team, increasing employee happiness
  • Volunteering brings visibility to your company to your area without costly marketing techniques

If the grant program isn’t something you’re interested in, here are other recommendations:

1) Feeding America: Going to the to sort food is a simple way to tackle poverty in your area. This volunteer opportunity makes a difference in just one hour of sorting.

 2) Habitat for Humanity: This organization is the perfect fit for landscapers as there are multiple ways to give back.

The  program works with new Habitat homeowners who need maintenance and repair services. Landscapers, exterior renovators and repair companies offer their services in this program.

If you’re crunched for time, you can to your local ReStore.

3) PLANET: The Professional Landscape Network offers a couple opportunities to give back using your landscaping services.

Their is coming up April 22. where thousands of projects are worked on by more than 12,000 volunteers.

This year’s Renewal and Remembrance Day is July 20. Landscaping firms help revitalize the 200-acre Arlington National Cemetery.

No matter what opportunity you choose, make sure it’s meaningful to you and your employees. This ensures maximum benefit for your business.



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