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75-Foot Welcome Sign Sees New Landscaping
Patty Vaughan | August 29, 2013


After the city of St. Petersburg welcomed visitors in a large way last August with a 75-foot welcome sign, the city is now adding approximately $300,000 in landscaping.

The 75-foot tower prominently displays the city’s name at a cost of about $600,000 from local mortgage and music promoter, Bill Edwards, according to .

According to the article, 58 Washington palms are being planted on the backside of the monument and nine Sylvester palms are being planted on the side. An ornamental yellow-flower ground cover will also be added.

The other side of the bridge into the city will also have two rows of 28 palm trees and another bed of flower ground cover.

The landscaping is expected to cost about $270,000 and is being paid for with a highway beautification grant from the Florida Department of Transportation. 


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