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200-gallon ‘space saver’ sprayer eases access to hose, fill well
David Rountree | January 2, 2017
Master Manufacturing’s new 200-gallon sprayer is powered by a Honda GX200 engine.

Master Manufacturing’s new 200-galllon sprayer is powered by a Honda GX200 engine.
Photo: Valley Industries

Lawn care professionals may want to check out a new “space saver” sprayer from Valley Industries and Master Manufacturing. The 200-gallon sprayer features a plastic-coated Comet APS41 triple diaphragm pump equipped with the manufacturer’s “DURAphragm Technology,” as well as a Honda GX200 engine.

This space saver also introduces Valley Industries hose reel design, which is bolstered, the company says, by its exclusive “Hardcore Technology.” This reel is made of a heavy-duty aircraft grade aluminum and features a chainless, sprocket-less direct drive system and lifetime core warranty.

Forward facing controls provide easy access to both the pump and the hose reel from one location, Valley Industries says, and the driver’s side fill well facilitates the mixing of chemicals.

Paynesville, Minnesota-based Master Manufacturing, a brand of Valley Industries, manufactures a full line of sprayers.

The 200-gallon space saver sprayer’s tank is chemical resistant and the machine’s TeeJet Gun comes with three nozzles. The sprayer is 53 inches wide, 64 inches long and 40 inches high.


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