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Landscape Leadership creates landscaping comic strip
Beth Hyatt | April 6, 2017
Branding Comic Strip from landscape Leadership

Photo: Landscape Leadership

Landscape Leadership, a sales marketing agency for green industry companies, has recently created a new comic strip. This comic, called Green Ways, will feature a cast of characters from the fictitious landscape contractor Greenbelt Outdoor Services.

“Comics have always been an effective way to get a point across,” said Chris Heiler, Landscape Leadership CEO. “This is another way for us to share our experiences and insight with lawn and landscape professionals, yet do it in a fun way that resonates with our audience.”

Focusing mainly on marketing and sales-related issues that impact companies daily, Green Ways will be released starting in April and will run its 18 comic strips throughout 2017.

“If you’ve made a career in the lawn and landscape industry, our stories will be familiar to you,” Heiler said. “We’re going to sprinkle in the good, bad and ugly of growing a landscaping business.”

All comics are drawn by professional illustrator Jonathan Brown, and the first comic strip, entitled Branding, is available for viewing on the .

“It’s amazing how Jonathan gives life to our crazy ideas,” laughs Heiler.

Heiler says that Branding illustrates how easily employees can negatively impact a company’s good name. For subscribers of the Landscape Leadership blog, each new comic strip will be delivered via email.


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